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See you again yesterday



the beatles <3



December 30th, 2008

(no subject)

the beatles <3

Oh Heck, no rules. Just when you click on the add button be mindful you'll find my thoughts.
The locked entries are random pictures i take and
personal stuff.
And we don't have to have a lot in common to be friends, i just like meeting new people =].


July 30th, 2008


the beatles <3
The lazy writer has taken all her belongings and moved to citruorideSo please old friends, add me if I have not added you. 
Have a good day.

May 9th, 2008


the beatles <3

For all the beatles fans in my f-list!!

Beatles Remaster
(from Rolling Stone magazine by Andy Greene)
The Beatles' albums came out on CD in 1987, but fans have long complained that the early digital technology used to remaster the recordings left them sounding hollow and thin — and that the official remasters are way overdue. That's where Purple Chick comes in — a secretive fan (or group of fans) who has been quietly remastering classic discs like Revolver and A Hard Day's Night, and releasing the digital files for free online. How is this possible? The Beatles' CDs sound so bad that carefully digitized tracks from pristine vinyl copies are noticeably better — with crisper highs, a fuller soundstage, and more realistic reproduction of instruments and voices. And the Purple Chick editions are superior to the originals in other ways, too: The Sgt. Pepper collection contains the original record in mono and stereo, and four discs' worth of studio outtakes; the White Album comes in a whopping twelve-disc version, including alternate takes, studio chatter, demos and fascinating jams. So how do you get this stuff? Google is your friend: Try searching "purple chick and megaupload" to get started. 


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